Grants Heat

By Angel Payne

Is ignoring the heat a recipe for disaster?
Grant Twombley has it allóa successful career, a contacts list full of gorgeous and willing bedmates, and the ear of Los Angelesís most prominent captain of industry.
But being Sebastian Sharkís right-hand man isnít without its challenges. Messy ones. Unknown forces still work to take down Shark Enterprises, and Grantís full focus is needed to protect their empire. But heís sitting on a scandalous secret. A truth he canít even share with his best friend. Until disaster strikes.
Rio Gibson carries dark secrets of her own. She hides them wellÖuntil her world is shattered. She holds Shark responsible, but the only person she shares her suspicions with is also the man closest to himóthe giving, gorgeous man who makes her feel so many new and surprising things. Dangerous things.
But Rioís used to handling the heat in the kitchen, and she can handle this challenge too. Getting out simply isnít an optionóno matter how bad itíll burn in the end.
Shark's Edge Book Series:
1. Shark's Edge
2. Shark's Pride
3. Shark's Rise
4. Grant's Heat

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