By Audrey Carlan

Not many can say they were burned by fate. Iím the exception.

Scalded figuratively, emotionally, and physicallyÖ I have the scars running down my arm, ribs, and side to prove it.

The doctors have done what they can to heal me by smoothing the abraded skin using other parts of my body. But they can only do so much. Sometimes, what canít be seen canít be healed.

The fire that night took more than a pound of flesh. It obliterated my talent, beauty, and most importantly, seared the connection I had with the man I loved. Sure, it was me who pushed him away, but I had my reasons. I did what any woman would do in my situation. I gave up everything so that one day heíd find happiness and peace.

Now Iíve healed a bit on the outside, and on the inside, but I still crave the one I let go. To this day he looks at me with fire in his eyes, a heat so bright in his being he glows with it. I fear the light, the flames that could consume me whole. The problem now is, heís not mine anymore. I just may have waited too long to fight for him, for us, for a future together.

Thereís only one thing I can do. Let fate decide.

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