Elijahs Need

By Victoria Blue

Is their love stronger than their secrets?

Finally coming clean with his best friends and girlfriend, Elijah Banks should feel a huge burden lifted from his conscience. But his persistent ex keeps turning up to threaten his future plans for happiness.

Hannah Farsey is determined to be the captain of her life’s ship. No more putting others’ needs in front of her own, and no more making decisions out of anxiety and fear. Now that Hannah knows Elijah’s darkest secret, should she follow her head and run for the hills, or follow her heart and stand by her man?

After a rushed marriage proposal coupled with an impromptu trip to Las Vegas with all their friends, she goes into panic mode.

Are they really ready to make a lifelong commitment, or is he acting out of fear of losing her? How far is the gorgeous, successful businessman willing to go to lock down his beautiful, feisty chef?

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